A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

As built by:

  • Yanfei Zhang
  • Max Dumas
  • Eric Leung
  • Alice Guzman
  • Sebastian Herscher

Grapple God is a procedurally generated rock climbing extravaganza. Using a module system rated on difficulty, each play-through is a new, exciting mountain for two users to climb. As you climb, the mountain becomes more difficult, and more fun! The game is only winnable through teamwork and cooperation; anyone playing will be fast friends by the time they reach the top (and not hate each other, we promise!)

This game was deveoped by a small team in Robert Yang's game development course at NYU.

Install Instructions

The .zip contains both the .exe and .app versions of the game, available for either Windows or Mac OSX.


GrappleGod.zip 37 MB